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Agency:    Department of Justice
Bureau:    Office of Justice Programs
Account:    Juvenile Justice Programs (15-0405)
Certifying Official:    CFO
Contact Information:    http://WWW.USDOJ.GOV   (202) 616-8952
Adjudicated Youth Program at Texas A&M Corpus Christi

AMOUNT: $188,000.
Year Enacted: 2008
Code: EARMARK-08-JL-1286
Status: Complete
Description: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will continue to implement the Supporting and Training of At-Risk Students (STARS) project, an intervention program targeting high school dropout, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of parental involvement, and victimization of adjudicated youth, within the barrio of Corpus Christi, Texas. The primary goal is to improve decision-making skills of adjudicated and at-risk youth with focus on academic success, improving familial relationships, decreasing traumatic victimization, and reducing rates of substance abuse, truancy, and high school dropouts. The project activities will include the provision of: 1) initial/follow-up assessments of participants, 2) research-based prevention and intervention lessons, 3) after-school tutoring, literacy assistance and academic advising, 4) counseling services, and 5) career advising and mentorship. The program will measure the number of participants that complete the program and obtain employment. NCA/NCF
Beneficiary/Recipient Amount ($K) Program Type Address
Texas A And M University Corpus Christi (95100152) $179 Public Educational Institution
Office of Graduate Studies And Research NRC 2700
6300 Ocean Drive
Corpus Christi , TEXAS
Admin/Overhead $9  
Sponsor Name Honorific State District
Solomon Ortiz Representative TX 27
Source: Appropriations Report Language - Conference
Reference: Joint Explanatory Statement to accompany H.R. 2764, Division B (Commerce/Justice/Science)
Location: Joint Explanatory Statement Part E - Juvenile Justice Challenge Grants and Projects - pages 288 through 297
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